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Donations are not tax deductible at this time. FOr larger donations that must be tax deductable, please contact us directly through

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The Rozmberk Society is recognized like a non-Dutch ANBI, donations are tax-deductable for the Dutch income tax. Please go to the Dutch donation page.

At the end of the page is a more extensive explanation what your money will do to help keeping the Czech Peasant and Emigration Museum open. In short, the museum does not generate enough income to cover all expenses, and our other non-profit projects do not provide the needed extra. In addition, most Eu projects now require an own contribution of 15%, making us permanently short of cash. Donating $20 or $50 will already help us.

The municipality of Jilovice-Kojakovice and our local bank WSPK regulary donate or support us in-kind, helping to cover the bare expenses.

Clicking the button will bring you to the secure site of PayPal, which handles the on-line payments for us. Include your address and email as shipping address so we can send you confirmation of your tax-deductible donation. If you do not want to donate online but through a check, giving goods, or make a direct electronic transfer (internet banking), please look for details below or contact our staff. All donations are tax-deductible.

Beware: you do NOT need a PayPal account; the PayPal site also accepts credit cards.

Our donation wish list

First World War Exhibition

For 2018, the 100-year remembrance of the end of World War I and of Czech Independence, our Society is planning to open a new exhibition on the First World War, completing the cylce from the first failed revolution against the Hapsburg Emperor in 1848 to the Czech Independence in 1918. Part of the exhibition will include educational materials for schools, which will be funded under the NETWORLD project. However, a large part of the actual permanent exhibition has to be paid from our own sources.

Cold War Exhibition

truckThe dump truck is given to the museum. We need to cover the costs for restoration and for the transport to the Czech Republic. If funds allow, we will also install the Troop Carrier Kit and Fording Kit to make the truck really original and is functionality maximal. Documentation and making displays need to be taken care of as well.

Preserving farming equipment

Several donated farming tools and machinery need urgent maintenance: they have to be sand-blasted, preserved, and/or painted.

And so much more that has top priority

Like covering standard operating costs, outside repaint job for the museum, additional summer staff, etc, etc. As you can imagine, every $ extra will help us survive uis. To realize everything, a lot more is needed.


Thank you for your support


For who wants to read and know more:
why should we support this

Most of the American people are prepared to give something to non-profits helping Americans and preserving American heritage. But why should you help a foreign non-profit working in South Bohemia, Czech Republic?

We can give several arguments why you should help us support the Museum and the Society. In the end, it all boils down to two things:

Another MAYOR one? It is also about investigating and preserving a not very well known part of American history. The background and stories of those who emigrated, why they left their home country to travel to America and help settle the new US states, is part of our American history as well.

What the Society needs

The Rozmberk Society has a very impressive track record in obtaining project funding. UNtil recently, no funds are needed for running specific projects or activities. Unfortunately, European Union and Czech grants now need pre-financing and grants hardly ever cover all costs. In addition, daily operating cost (office rent, staff, developing project proposals, etc) are not paid for at all.

Basically, the Society needs funds especially to pay for running the Peasant and Emigration Museum in Kojakovice and the historic Blacksmith workshop in Nove Hrady.

Both visitor's places are too small to ask for high entrance fees and income from the gift shop is not enough to pay for all running costs. s similar to a potential entrance fee and buy some goods in our shop. Although this income helps, it is not sufficient to pay for all operating costs either.

In general, running both places and the minimum office costs amount to about 15,000 USD yearly, including payments for two persons throughout the year and an additional four during the summer season. With those costs covered the Society can also continue with preparing and running community and regional development projects helping to create new jobs and opportunities in the region. It also guarantees ongoing research on and preservation of the regional emigration history.

Help from us is needed to continue these activities. Even 15 years after the fall of the communism, the Czech society and the Czech people are still busy repairing the material and emotional damage done by close to 50 years of oppression (seven years under Nazi occupation and over 50 years under communism). Although people start to realize that non-profits are an important part of the restoration efforts, State and people do not yet have sufficient extra funds to substantially support non-profits. Corporate sponsorship is also low, and aimed at high-publicity events.

Your money also goes a long way. For example, the costs for employing one person for one month in the Czech Republic is 500 USD, including all taxes, social and health insurances (only 260 USD reaches the employee after taxes).

If you want to know more about the activities of the Czech Rozmberk Society, please visit the site for the Ecomuseum Ruze with visors information about the Rozmberk museums and the region. Or you can click the Donate Now button.



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