appelsAppel Strudl Day: September 17, 2016

Tasting Traditional South Bohemian Sweets

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Each year, in the second half of September, the Museum holds its now traditional Appel Strudl Day. Our staff and friends bake numerous different kind of appel strudl and other kinds of typical south-bohemian sweets. Visitors also bring their own cakes for tasting.

kojakovice baking  strudlovani 2
Baking continues on the day itself, and everybody can try a hand in it.

strudlovani 5  strudlovani 6
Tasting good. A good cuppa tea of course is part of the tast.

Jumping castle 1  Jumping castle 8
For the kids there is a jumping castle. Cleaning can be fun: helping to empty the jumping castle.

The 2016 Apple Strudl Day will be on Saturday 17 September from 13 till 17

Admission is 30 Kc


You can bake any variation of a strudl and donate that as your entrance.



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